Harmonizing Fear – Bhagyalaxmi Girish

 I was scared of water & so were a few team members in my team. We attended Sagar’s session on harmonizing fear where he taught us how to overcome fear. We decided to go for a river rafting.We reached  the place and started getting ready for the most awaited and fearful event. When we all were signing the disclaimer that we are responsible for anything happening to us during Rafting, we all had our heart beating but somewhere we were getting courage also to face the fear because it was our conscious decision to overcome our fear.
bhagys team1
And then started the actual rafting and we were all just following the instructions given by guide  to kayak in the directions given by him. We all were enjoying the thrill and fear was  not coming anywhere. We started enjoying the rafting process by the time we reached half way and we wanted to continue further. After we reached 3/4th distance, our guide instructed us to get down into water. That moment again fear popped up as we didn’t know swimming, though we were wearing Life Jacket and there was  no chance we  getting drowned. But fear was still there and we just decided to face this fear also and  followed the instructions of  our guide and got down from our raft to  float  in the flow of water. 
bhagys team2
The  moment we all were in water, there was  just initial little struggle to adjust and then we just were lying on water which was  taking us in its flow slowly and steadily. It was the most relaxing moment for each one of us and most accomplishing moment as we overcame our fear of water.
PFA pic of our River Rafting. This was possible because of  the session we attended. Thanks to Sagar for the wonderful session he conducted and  gave us this new accomplishment for team as a whole.

                                                                                                                                                                                    –  Bhagyalaxmi Girish – Project Manager, Amdocs

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