Anything and Everything can be piloted.









Pilot your way to success!


If that sounds interesting, here’s more to ponder upon and no matter how much you ponder, go and get in to action for only actions will be creating opportunities for your life.


Very often in my life i faced this challenge. I kept thinking how do I do what I want to do? What should I do to make my wish come true? I wondered I would be able to create something BIG for myself. That BIG is very relevant to me and for you it could mean nothing. Your idea of doing something BIG could be on a different planet. To take any big step in life first thing that strikes our mind is the FEAR factor. How am I going to do it? What if I fail? What would people say? Many more……..Its natural to think this way, the only change that one needs to make is to Delete HOW word from these statements and then your mind will start figuring out Solutions. Believe me there is solution to every problem in this world, even the ones that have long been in the awaited solution state. Coming to doing something BIG, its always recommended to start SMALL. The reason is our mind is not tuned to accept that something BIG can be done successfully, unlike children. Children can dream big and dream the impossible because their mind is not hard wired to constraints and failures. An easiest way to start SMALL is to do a pilot.


Technically anything that gets developed gets piloted in industry. The reason is they want to test its feasibility and at a minimal cost. Piloting can be done in personal LIFE as well. How? Lets say you want to open up a T Shirt printing company. You really have BIG plans to be like Benetton or Louis Philippe or Marks and Spencers, however you do not have the muscle to make it that big at the beginning. You start taking baby steps. The easiest way to do it is to get in touch with someone who has already done that, achieved the goal you want to achieve. You start hunting for people and these days its easy to contact people, start interviewing them, ask them how they did it, what were their niche moments, what failures they encountered, how to sell, where is the market, what tools to use, how to generate capital and labor, how to manage logistics etc. It is not necessary that you will have same experience as theirs and their success Mantra may not apply to you. Every person is different and their appetite to manage people, stress and failures is different. What you are getting though are tips. Once you have inputs you start taking baby steps. You build a plan to produce T shirts. First you make one for yourself, then you make one for your friend or your wife or parents. Do not reveal your plan. Ask them how they felt with it. Then you book a stall for an event…Could be Thanksgiving day, Christmas celebrations, a fun fair. This will cost you a small fee to book your space. Then you order your first 20 T shirts and put them up in the fair. People would come and see them. Some would buy, some would share how they would want a particular design blah blah blah………………You collect cash and you get the most Valuable experience of selling. This experience gave you inputs on selling, managing inventory, checking reliability of the vendor. With this pilot you can now start marketing yourself in your inner circle (people you know), collecting references. You start meeting corporate people, you start building your network. You pick small orders for events and deliver your product on time and with giving little extra than what the customers have paid for. This will set you off for a bigger game. The referral game is a force multiplier. One satisfied customer is worth 10,000$ of referral business. As you bank upon this pilot you learn many insights to doing business. Once the pilot is over (you have to conclude it with takeaways) you are now ready for starting your career.


This experience will give you 2 paths – One is to Start a full time business other is to look for something else. This decision making is coming to you at a minimal price. Imaging you starting with a full budget and then realizing that this is not meant for you. That’s┬ámuch devastating. The beauty is you can pilot while you are still in your present job. Wright brothers piloted the first ever aircraft, IBM piloted their first business machine. They all started with an idea and built a prototype. Satellites are first built as prototypes and tested in a simulation and then they are built to the scale. So far I have piloted ideas like portfolio management, leadership coaching, website development, software services, health and nutrition……….Started with one idea and then kept on building it. With the experiences that I got I learnt how to build my muscles. What is that thing in life that you have always wanted to do? Start now. Take that first step. Take baby steps and then improvise. Remember – Rome wasn’t built in a day and there aren’t any shortcuts. Pilot your way to SUCCESS.

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