Are companies focusing too much on people improvement than on Process Improvement?

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Dr. Edward Deming, an American who traveled to Japan to share his ideas about continuous improvement. Japan after second world war was in dire need for a change. Its companies were in coma stage as there was virtually no demand for Japanese products in global markets due to the lack of focus on quality. Dr Deming went there and taught them Continuous improvement. He influenced the traditional methods of production to move from being people based to process based. He said people are not at the base of problem. They are not at the source of under productivity or under quality. It is the process that needs improvement. He also taught about creating collaboration among workers so that together they could achieve results that were impossible to be achieved without active collaboration. That is what we call TEAM WORK. Japanese companies adapted to continuous improvement and within a decade they created huge demand for their products globally. Automobiles, engineering, electronics Japan was leading. Japan announced highest award for companies who demonstrate highest standards of continuous improvements and this award was called Dr Deming award.

Dr Deming has performed an exercise to demonstrate how processes influence the growth of a company more than its people. Here’s a remake of Dr. Edward Deming’s most popular RED BEAD exercise. There is also the original exercise video graphed on YouTube. 

Coming up: “Kaizen Goal” a book that will create path for your personal success.

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