Are we shaped by our Karma?









“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”
― Wayne W. Dyer

What is Karma?

It is the sum of actions a person takes in his present life and past life (past life karma is hidden from the conscience) that produces actions and reactions. Karma shapes persons identity. A child doesn’t have any karma at birth. He is carrying one from his past life (this fact cannot be ascertained though). As he gains conscience he starts observing things, people, animals around. He is then exposed to language. Language is unique possession of humans, something that animals or plants do not possess. Language starts shaping the child in to taking Karmic actions. These actions start building his personality, his friends, his enemies, his thoughts, his present & future.

Why is Karma so important?

Karma is a source of being and source of transformation. Karma keeps a person in his identity or out of it. How does one know he is in to his Karma or out of it? When any action that a person takes to nurture the well being of himself or of other fellow beings or of the environment around it creates a feeling and a sense of deep fulfillment, a sense of harmony, a feeling of inner joy and peace. This feeling hints that the person is in Karma. If the action taken is to change something to make something else less worth, or invalidate something or someone it is out of Karma. Act of violence, act of destruction or act of hatred emerge from mind perceiving out of Karma actions. The act comes later. Thoughts invade the mind space to give it a tool in the form of physical body to take action to trigger the destruction wave.

An action in isolation doesn’t decide Karma. It may be influenced by past Karma. The Karma account keeps accumulating like money getting accumulated in a bank account. They then transform in to new realms of events that show up in course of time. Karma’s doesn’t exist in isolation. It has its partner, this is TIME. Time aids Karma. The present moment in life is an opportunity to shape Karma. There is no better time than now to shape Karma to create a wonderful existence. So, even when the present reality of life is hurting you, In Karmic actions will transform that reality, shape it to create a peaceful life that you can experience in this lifetime itself.

How to take actions in Line with Karma?

Karma always thrives on giving and forgiving. Giving part of what you have to sustain life is an action in line with Karma. Helping someone in achieving his goal is karma action. Forgiving someone for their wrong doings is in Karmic action. Working to provide meals for poor people is In Karmic action. Actions beyond self are all in karmic actions. It doesn’t mean you cannot work for yourself. That action is fulfilling your body and your soul. It nurtures them and hence it is in Line with Karmic actions.

Karma is action oriented. As humans we are meant to take actions. We are meant to work. We are meant to help each other. We are meant to invent new possibilities for thriving. We are meant to protect the environment. We are meant to discover vaccine to fight the diseases. We are meant to save lives. We are meant to share fortune. We are meant to protect each other.

Although Karma is action oriented inaction doesn’t always mean no Karma. When you are in midst of nature and you are just sitting observing, you are still spreading thoughts out of your mind which is also an action.

Karma stays with us forever until we lose our conscience and transcend to the next form. In the next form (it cannot be ascertained) the Karma continues to shape the person.


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