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Often times when you read about successful people or meet them, you wonder what did they do to scale such heights? Are they super spiritual or are they completely rational? Often we mistake one for the other.  Mr. Barack Obama, the President of United States of America, he is considered by many to be the most rational person on earth. He speaks to the point, identifies exact issue, sensitizes with numbers or facts, and then winds up with what action he is going to take to overcome the problem. People look forward to hear him and most of it is because it has a beautiful balance of reality to possibility. Unlike many politicians his speech has data, examples or references like the one on rising unemployment in America and what is the impact of this rising unemployment on an average American home. The speech talks more of a person who he is and by far most people feel he is truly rational for his speech and his actions do not differ, or to say it appropriately do not differ a lot. Does that make him a “rational only” kind of person? If only rationality is projected from Mr. Obama’s speech people wouldn’t care to hear him live for they would just see the coverage on Television news. There’s something more to it. That is about ability to sink in people’s mind through their heart. Mind is very rational while the heart is spiritual. Well, heart here is not the organ we are referring to but that part of mind which has emotions, which has faith, which is spiritual. How could Mr. Obama understand what most people in America think really? How would he gauge success of his election rhetoric “Yes we can” much before it was launched?

 Being spiritual and being rational are two sides of the same coin. If they were to sit next to each other, which one would survive in a fight? Answer cannot be predicted because if you use your rational mind you would find it winning by scores while if you flip over to emotions & faith you will see it winning in the long race. Wouldn’t you be in a Fix to decide who the winner is?

 In reality both are winners. They do not compete with each other but they complement each other. One could be spiritually rational or rationally spiritual. How? Let’s see this……

 Consider you see a traffic jam on the road. The traffic isn’t moving. Vehicles are log jammed at each other at the signal. You get out of your car, walk up to the jam scene and start requesting people to stop pushing forward. The immediate reaction you get is “Don’t teach us”. Now you have 3 options. First is you retreat and get back to your car, let them deal with it which is resentful action. Second is you act rational and stand in front of them so that they could not move forward and let cars from other side pass on, once they pass then let the traffic on other side move. While people on other side are happy the people you block curse you for a while. The third is you talk to people on one side earnestly appealing to them that if they halt for just a minute and let the other side go, it wouldn’t take much time for everyone to get out of the mess. Now, not everyone would listen to you and you let go that person. He will automatically pay the price for not listening when he gets further jammed. You continue in your effort to talk to other people so they see your selfless act and stop voluntarily. That is being spiritually rational.

 Being rationally spiritual means knowing the outcome yet being in peace and having a plan B.

 Rationality does reality check while spirituality serves as a guiding path. They are connected back to back like our mind and body. If body doesn’t work mind would cease to exist and if our mind doesn’t work our body will deplete.

 What is possible by being rationally spiritual or spiritually rational?

 Anything! We have 2 powerful tools to be used as one. Spirituality will help us in taking the right decisions, having faith in whatever we do, building trust of people while rationality will keep a check on how effectively we do and at what cost. Many so-called spiritual people are broke and they keep seeking money from others. That isn’t real spirituality. Many firm rational believers struggle to achieve their goals in the face of stiff competition because they lack in faith. People using both are always balanced. They know how to convert a temporary defeat in to victory and how to sustain it.

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