Focus and Re focus.



The good thing about focus is it hooks our attention to the task on hand. So as we focus our attention to it we see the minute details. We understand the composition of the object or the flow of code or the structure of its design. Then we identify what is it that needs to be done to alter it to enhance its performance or correct its flaw or make it more presentable. In short make it more salable  Then we try to recollect how similar objects were treated earlier. Here’s an object that is the current state and there’s historical evidence or path to make it better that guides in creation of path to shape this object. All of it is possible because of the focus on the object. Now zoom out that object a bit. The camera picture now reveals that along with this object there are a black thread and a boy holding the thread trying to hit it so that the object drops off. Zoom out a bit and then his mother is visible and  more audibly screaming trying her best to stop him from playing with that clay Buddha that might fall in to pieces. Now this was a dramatization of how change of focus to accommodate other details. His helps to understand relativity and context so that any work on the object can now be done considering the complete picture. Same is true with analyzing a software code. Analyzer has to focus on the program code and then zoom out to see attached strings, interfaces, references, and place in stack. Then, work out a solution or approach to reshape it.

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