From Cloud9 to Pitfall.

Why does success takes people to cloud 9 and failure to a pitfall? Success empowers people while failureĀ  makes them doubtful. What is this universal law? The law we now understand and the secret unfolds.
Our behaviors are shaped in the teens somewhere around the age of 12 to 16. Beliefs, attitude are formed around this age span. These beliefs stay with the person until he exits this world. It doesn’t mean these beliefs will dominate his life, however in a given situation he will tend to lean in towards these beliefs. He can tailor his response though. During this teen age when we live with our parents there is a unique response given by family, our parents, our friends, our relatives, our teachers to success and to failures. Success for instance is rewarded with hug, a pat, making that person feel special, reward while failures are responded with ignoring the person, taunts, making person feel embarrassed, sarcasm, insecure, deprivation. Mind picks up these response especially the negative ones and stores a natural response to such judgemental outcomes. These responses then get repeated with each such instance. The brain wires response. Hencelater when the person grows young, middle aged and old and faces judgemental circumstances his response comes instantly. Hence a person who feels great on getting high scores or solving complex problem or meeting sales target is also likely to feel humiliated, doubtful, low, self critical. Hence the good feeling or bad feeling never stay Permanent.
The good news is that a person can exit this viscous cycle. How? By being in a state of awareness. It isn’t simple though to attain. Only rigorous practice will put the mind in this state and rewire brain. How to achieve this state of balance?
1. Be aware that each outcome is just another event.
2. Truly believe that it is the contribution that matters, not the outcome.
3. Always focus on what can be learnt during the event or from the event.
4. Life is a string of events, our role is to participate.
5. If the outcome of an event is good consider that god wants us to move on from here to do something different or new.
6. If the outcome isn’t so good, thank the universe for giving an opportunity to learn. It only means one is on the right track, he just needs to expand his awareness. People immediately link the outcome to their goals. No outcome is permanent, such that it impacts goals. Failure is one step closer to success. Do not lose focus on goal.
7. Ccontinue working on the goal. Never abandon goal. Just before monsoon many clouds try to pour but the wind drives them off, their perseverance one day brings rain . Keep doing work in faith, rainy showers will arrive.

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