Good days bad days




It’s a sunny Sunday and a lazy one. No work, no commitments, just a leisure walk, sip coffee, glance newspaper or chat with an old friend.

Sounds like a perfect day. Often we realise that such days are handful, max 60 in a year. Most days we are chasing the sun and Boss. Got no problem with that. The real problem though is in coining it as a good or a bad day.

As the sun rises at same time and in same direction our minds also have same firing sequence or a pattern of thinking. From that recurrent thought pattern we call it a good day a bad one. What is an antidote to that and why do we need to find an antidote?

Think of it this way, if you have a day which is neither in black or white in shade, Black for a bad and white for a good one. Would you care to be over cautious or over concerned of what could happen today? It’s Friday the 13th, I am gonna get that pink slip today or its my lucky Wednesday, I am sure going to win a lottery. You start your day with that expectation, all your actions aligned with this bias and boom, things go the other way. If it gets better it’s a miracle if otherwise an awful day anyway. But in this gamble you lost a day and an another one and another one, and there goes a year…years, decade and one day which is your 60th birthday. You have retired, ample time now on to look back at life. You start rewinding your life tape like a flash of movie and your life runs past in your eyes. Then the revelation. Gaush I should have taken a holiday, I really worked hard to make ends meet. I should have gone to meet my friend in that city that day when he last called, I can no longer see him. I should have taken that courage to start that business I always wanted to.

Stoppppp…. The water has flown over. You can only unwind your life now in your thoughts and dreams. With that bitter feeling you sip in another beer and call off the day.

Question is what would have happened to reset and make things fall in place some 40 years ago that when viewed through the lense at 60 would deserve fulfillment and peace?

That takes us right to the state of our mind when we start our day. The sun rises and sets exactly the same way, at least it appears that way, but far many million light years we know this sun is undergoing multiple changes each day. Compare it with your day. You too have different challenges to face each day. But the way you get ready for them is way different than this mass of sun does. You start your day by coining it as good or not good. The least you expect it to go is as usual. What would happen if it is treated as just another day, just another iteration in your life. A milestone in your journey. Your perspective change this way can be a saviour. You would make your todo list without a notion and bias. Your enthusiasm will be same each day, no fall from yesterday’s failures. That is when course correction would happen and over a 10year 20year period you would have touched every single aspiration. You will have very little or no regret. Then that 60th birthday would be one that will lose its importance, not because you achieved a lot or you hardly have any regrets but because you consider it as yet another day in your life journey.

So now, if God gives you this opportunity to re-live your life how would it be?

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