How to be a Budding Writer?



Writing is one of the oldest hobbies and profession. Writing is considered to be art and writers to be artists. Today there are many established writers and many aspiring writers. This blog is for those aspiring writers.

What it takes to be a writer?

There’s no single word to describe however passion could best represent the quality of a writer. Well, passion is required to be successful in any field. For a writer to claim this title his passion is most tested when he off mood. What is off-mood? When, his mind doesn’t support his writing, when thoughts do not spring out of his head, when he doesn’t feel like doing anything. This moment occurs multiple times in writer’s life. At that moment if he was to write on something, the natural flow of ideas does not occur. This is the moment of test. Some writers make a decision to give up since nothing worthy comes off their mind. It aint gonna happen. I am using slang because in our mind that is the language we speak some times or for some most of the times. Most people give up writing when they face this situation more than once. Others write some crappy note. Then they read it and “what a shit piece of creation”, then they do what most do, give up on writing. A few others write something scraps it, and then re-write the next moment. The next moment turns out to be supportive of their thought making process and some beautiful article pops out of their mind. Then it’s a feeling of Aah! These are the people who belong to the writer’s community. Who is testing them? TIME! Time is the biggest test of people for anything they wish to aspire. Time tests their patience, consistence, passion, vision, everything. As the most popular author J K Rowling who write the Harry Potter series of books says there were moments when she wanted to write but she couldn’t write anything or she wrote but it was all crap. Then there were awakening moments when beautiful story sprung up from nowhere.

What should I write about?


Wonderful, now you say anything? Can you explain?

Have you heard of people who dig crap to find gold? Similarly, you could write on anything that interests you. One more aspect to be considered is that you may write what you like to write but you are not essentially writing for yourself. You are writing for people. So, also think about the value you are creating for others. Let me explain. If you are writing on “Art” and you like to give your version of what is considered to be an art or what makes an artist, because you are one or you are budding one, what others are looking for the title “Art” is some information that will help them in their journey to be artist. This makes you the REAL writer.


How will I know that I am a successful writer?

Good question! The answer is, when you master these 3 areas:

  • You write relentlessly in good and not so good times. When there are wonderful thoughts and when there are no thoughts. When your mind supports your mood and when it does not.
  • When your writing makes difference to people and their life. It does not mean that you get several Likes on your blog, that’s one measure of it. However the other one is people may not click on the Like button but they are inspired to read your blog or article or book.
  • This is the last stage! Most established writers have reached this stage. In this stage writing happens naturally. They just sit to write and ideas, thoughts, phrases rush out of their mind on to the paper, almost naturally.


Can I make some money out of it?

🙂 ! You may or may not! If money is what pulls you to be a writer which by the way is considered to be motivation by many however that’s not going to help you to be a successful writer. Recently a lot of people have been attracted to writing by those who have established themselves as writers and they have a noble intention to create many writers to contribute to the society but many people are attracted looking at the financial aspect of this art. Art is always priceless so is an artist. When this thought sinks in mind, a true artist is born. There are other ways to make money while you enjoy writing. I am not sure if you got the answer, did you?


How to enjoy writing?

Let me share my experience about writing. You may find something you like about writing. I write when I feel low, I write when I feel exuberated, I write after my meditation, I write silly, I write serious, I paint something out of nothing. By the way I also write about finance and money. I express myself in my writings but I write for others. Sometimes I write for myself and after a many months when I forget something I re read my own writings to keep me committed to my own writings. You may wonder why I do that. Well, sometimes if one goes with the flow of the river and forgets his roots. Re reading own articles helps one do that.


Hope this article helps you in your journey to be a successful writer! Wish you good luck! By the way, I am soon publishing my second book on Kaizen, how to apply Kaizen in personal life to be successful in all areas of your life. Kaizen principles were applied by many large companies like Toyota which made them phenomenally successful.

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