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“To succeed in sales, simply talk to lots of people every day. And here’s what’s exciting – there are lots of people!” -Jim Rohn

Are you facing real breakdown in meeting SALES targets or are you doubting yourself for the career you chose as a Sales person? Do you try and do not succeed or succeed but that’s not enough?

Universally SALES is considered to be one of those careers that could potentially change the fortune of a person from owning pennies to trillions. Despite of this mammoth potential most people shy away from SALES. Out of those who choose some of them succeed phenomenally and some are still on the shore waiting to bridge the ocean. This blog for those people to tool them to cross over to be SUCCESSFUL.


To succeed phenomenally in SALES primarily there are 2 aspects one must have.

1.  Burning Desire

2. Goals

If the desire to have burning desire was available for sale in market every person would have been phenomenally successful. How one gets his desire to succeed is determined by how life occurs to him. If he sees life as a threat he would also live in fear.If life appears as challenge he will always try to overcome it, if life appears as opportunity he would always play the game considering every outcome as opportunity. You may have a question “what is a burning desire?”. There’s no straight answer but what could occur as burning desire (one form of connotation) is consider that you are jobless with no money and your child would go without food if you do not earn those 10$ or 20$ that day. Your consistent state of mind which is hungry for achieving that result that which will transform your and your family’s life way beyond imagination could be tagged as burning desire.

If you have goals and they are aligned to taking actions to accomplish your burning desire you are starting in right direction.


Once you have these 2 gems in your bag, you are set to start your career in SALES. The next set of gems which will make you successful are:

1. Numbers.

Its a numbers game. You might have heard it. To quantify it if you need to make 20 customers in a month roughly you will need to talk to 150-200 people. Assuming 8 hours of working hours each day and 22 working days with 176 work hours, deducting travel hours (80 hours) & office work/paperwork hours/follow-up hours ( 40 hours), you get 15-20 minutes to talk to each new person. Carry a counter with you (your smart phone will be handy) to count your calls  and the time you are spending on each call. This exercise is to be done till the time yo become efficient in managing your time. As you practice it you will get better at closing the calls and you may eventually end up with making 40-50 customers in a month. Now, you could also use leverage of your contacts. Your customers who are delighted with your service would naturally recommend you to their friends, colleagues and family. These sales will be bonus. It often has a multiplier effect on the sales numbers.


2. Asking & Sharing.

Asking is a FREE and abundant tool. It is effective, simple and doesn’t take much time to learn. The British colonial rule spread when they traveled to far countries, met their rulers and asked for setting up a trade with England.

What do you do when you get lost on your way? You ask someone or you call someone for directions. To make a sale you have to ask people to explore what they need. If you have a product that could take care of their need your sale is done. Even if you do not have a product that they need at that moment, you could always ask if their friend, neighbor, family needs it. They could simply gift it.

Once I went out with my team for a lunch. The lunch was exquisite and so was the bill amount. Had I just paid it upfront I would have shelled out 1000 bucks more. All that I did was to politely go to the counter and asked “Do you offer 10% discount to people who dine from (then I stated my company’s name)”. The man on the counter replied “Yes”. “Thanks, here’s my id, I work with that company.” I was offered 10% off on the total bill amount. I wouldn’t have saved over 1000 bucks if I wouldn’t have asked for a discount.

How many times you went out looking to buy something and you wished if someone could ask me to buy that thing? That point think of yourself selling that item and you happen to meet a person who needs it. What would he consider you as? Gods messenger 🙂


3. Perseverance.

The numbers we looked at are possible to be achieved only through perseverance. Every day one has to take action. If there is any resistance then you have to revisit your goal and re-validate your burning desire. Sometimes you simply cannot meet the same numbers and there could be enormous valid reasons. The earlier you realize that there is a breakdown, the  sooner you will take new actions. Try doing something for 21 days in a row, that is good enough to put you in to a habit.


4. No is Okay.

We often ask people to enroll to our proposal with a closed mind. We are expecting a YES and they say NO. The disappointment lies in our mind. One has to get that fact. A No is a no to the offer and it is not personal. Consider now that NO is equally acceptable as a YES and go for making a sales call. Wouldn’t you connect with your prospect at a deeper level? You could show him all those things he could accomplish once he enrolls to your offer, however leave a room for him to make a decision, even if the decision is NO. This NO could be NO for that moment, it could be that he is going through a tough time in his life, may be he doesn’t need what you are selling at that time, may be he had a fight with his wife in the morning and he is in rough mood. A NO may or may not have a valid reason. You just THANK the person for giving you the gift of his attention. You could leave on a note “No problem Sir, if there is anything I could do for you in the future do call me. Thanks for listening to me”. This would leave the person touched for being made to feel special.

When you get a NO it means you are closing in on a YES. If in every 10 sales call you make one deal, first 9 NO’s mean the 10th Yes is on its way. Just do your numbers.


What did you learn from this blog?


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