How to live happily every day?









I heard one of my friend say “I wish I could get one day to live life-like the President of United States of America. Just for a day, not more!” What he actually wanted to experience was a life style of the most powerful people on the planet. Probably he also wanted to experience how rich people live their life. How they buy expensive stuff and care a damn for the price tag. How they travel in Jets, how they stay in palace hotels, how they vacation at exotic places.

What he missed was probably it was only one side of their life. The other side which was beneath the surface was the one responsible for giving them this rich life style. What they did to reach to this stage and what they do now to maintain it. Some biographers have tried to capture the life of the rich and the famous, some T V shows cover it up.

The question is “Do you really want to seek happiness in richness?” If we ask a crowd of 1000 people of what they exactly meant by rich life, they would have different connotations but at a deeper level they mean one thing. That one thing is PEACE. Peace to live life as one desires, Peace to enjoy what they have and peace to learn how to acquire more, Peace to have good health, peace to be with family, peace after expressing freely, peace to have enough abundance.

If that is what you are seeking, PEACE in your life, how could you get that? Magic! Well, there’s Magic & this Magic exists within our Life, we don’t know most of the time.

Would you like to know how to acquire PEACE and sustain it for the Rest of your life & may be with your awareness help other to acquire it?

I would like to cut the CRAP and come to the point because that’s what you want.

Your question: How could I be Peaceful when everything around me is in turmoil. I have no control over others and nor can I control events happening. Each day opens on a good note and closes on frustration or not so different from earlier one.


If you think this is what is happening with your life, it is. If life along with good experiences bringing a lot of bad ones it is how it is. But the good news is you don’t have to worry about how life is unfolding. You do not have to think what life would present the next moment when you follow a mantra and tantra of what I am going to reveal. I learnt it from Eckhart Tolle, the author of “The Power of Now”. After learning I practiced it and because I practice it I can swear in the name of anybody you ask me to that it WORKS! It works wonders…….Lets learn how.


Each day focus on your thoughts. Focus on your own mind. You could say “What am I thinking at this moment?”. If you are driving focus on your thoughts. Be the observer of your own thoughts. When you are in public again focus on what are you thinking. Many a times when we are in public we feel uncomfortable being with people. A classic example is when people travel in a lift, usually most of them are looking at the door or at the floor counter. They focus on anywhere else other than the fellow passengers. Do you see yourself doing that? As it turns out human beings are scared to face fellow beings. But that’s not the point we are discussing. The point is when you feel lost or when your boss walks by you get that jerk in your mind, the jerk of looking Right, the jerk of looking good in front of him.   Now, BOSS is symbolic to anyone who makes you self-conscious. The problem is you focus on looking right and not on being right. Being right is being the way you are. Easiest way to achieve this is by asking the question “What am I thinking at this moment?”. Try doing this. Be the observer of your own thoughts and see the magic. It is difficult to focus on our own thoughts some people say. Well, nothings easy, however once you practice you will get it.

What is the payoff of this exercise?

Huge! When you become observer of your own thoughts your thoughts suddenly lose grip over you. You are not your thoughts says Eckhart. That machine which runs uninterrupted in your mind is not you. You are the one who is aware of the NOW. One who does not make opinion of the NOW. Once you practice being observer of your own thoughts you will see a dramatic shift in your life. Changes in the environment, the long Queue, the rising prices, the recession, the breakdown of your car in the middle of road does not bother you anymore. You may consider it to be a mess but you wouldn’t feel the mess. Considering something in a mess creates a path for clearing it effectively. Lets say you land up in a pit full of dirt if you are observing how the thoughts of being in dirt are coming soon they lose power over you. You could now think effectively of how to come out of it because your mind is now focusing on the situation as is and not judging it. You are more likely to get out of dirt quickly.

Similarly when you are facing feedback, focus on what thoughts arise in your mind. This will help to stay present to the feedback rather than shutting yourself up especially when the feedback is negative or unpleasant.

This tool is also very effective in managing tough situations in life provided it is practiced.


This is the tantra and mantra for living happily every day. You have no control over the situations, the weather, the people but you can control how you feel internally just be doing a simple thing which is observing own thoughts.

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