How to write an successful movie script.


Use ABDCE steps.

ACTION: Start the story with action that pulls people like first 5mins of James Bond movie. These first 5-10 minutes are crucial in pulling crowd.

BACKGROUND: Set the context of story. Unfold main characters, their relationship, place, likes dislikes.

DEVELOP: Develop the story. The characters start moving. The story takes a shape. Audience understand their relationship, romance, pride, love, hate.

CLIMAX: Now is the Time to climax. Climax is that state or act that changes characters life. Life of characters is different after a climax.

END: Last but most important. Some stories end with a positive ending while some with not so positive with a lesson.

Every movie has unique feature. Yet they all follow this sequence. Die hard for instance is strong on the start and end, pretty woman is good on developing phase and end, James Bond good on start, climax and developing, Hindi moviesĀ  good on developing and end. For more tips, guidance on story writing you may write room me on or post a request on my facebook. Happy writing.

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