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Ever since India got independence from the British Raj in 1947 it has made progress in all the leading and diversified fields. The Indian people who attribute to this success have undergone a phenomenal mindset change from being labour intensive to technology intensive work force. Today India is the leading IT services provider in the world. India’s economy is moving fast from being agriculture produce driven to market economy. The key contributors to this growth is the change in government policy to make Indian economy compete with the international market and its vast talented work force – the people. India has a large population of qualified youth making it one of the leading human resource centre in the world. With western world finding it difficult to find human resources in their countries to drive growth the Indian pool of qualified people pitched in just over a decade ago to drive key businesses by taking on various roles. They not only contributed to growth but also saved millions of $ or Pounds in terms of overall project cost. So who are these people that are driving the growth. Is it the newer generation? The answer may be Yes.

New generation is far better connected to rest of the world than their ancestors. They have developed a strong sense of networking and innovation. Earlier a student used to collect his graduation degree and look out for a job. The first job for many was the one they retired with. However the Gennext while they are in college participate in various national international forums, get exposed to the latest technology in a tech fair or use internet (Blogs, twitter) to be on top of all. They prefer meeting people in industry, collect their good/bad experiences and position themselves with a unique value proposition. The proposition of creating value out of regular work. There is also a change in mindset from denouncing certain fields for not have ample job opportunities to actively going by one’s area of interest and creating value within. A classic example is a set of students that designed the elegant Scorpio SUV of Mahindra & Mahindra which ultimately led the sales of the overall M&M products in automobile. We see young students joining the NDA and leading critical military missions. The mantra is now Create value while doing what you like. So, if the western world could create the Einsteins, the Edison’s with a handful of people India can definitely have a dozens of them, if these talented people are provided with the infrastructure like research and development labs, guidance on patenting, setting up infrastructure in other countries for marketing their products. If this happens very soon India will see a reverse trend of exports of home gown/made products to other countries.

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  1. Reply Suvendu Tandy Jul 13,2010 6:14 pm

    Good Analysis !

  2. Reply Sandeep Jain Dec 17,2010 1:01 pm

    Waiting for next Blog – ‘Art of Living’
    Not sure if I missed it…

  3. Reply Navatha Apr 8,2011 9:12 pm

    Good foresight.I wish this generartion should experience that transition 🙂

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