Key to Business success


Brian Tracy shares the key to have business success is to have a Great product. Not the number 2, number 3 but the number 1 product. People should feel WOW using the product. Their WOW creates wave effect for others to buy this product.

Why do most people do not make great products?
Well, they seem to be not ready to make the kind of investment required to create a great product. This isn’t just investment of money. It is investment on marvelous people who design these products, investment on world-class product development infrastructure, investment on right marketing.

How much more is required to go from number 2 or number 3 to number 1?

Well, it is just that another 20% more Creativity, more time, more efforts, more investment is required to go from number 2 to number 1.

How does one know that his product is the great product in the market?

Sales numbers would tell. People would tell.

How to know what people want?

Ask them in a scale of 1 to 10 how do you rate our product? If they say it is 7 then you ask them what would it take to make it 10? The suggestions you get you work on them and keep innovating the product till it creates a WOW effect.

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