Mind without body….


Quite often people face this dilemma, is mind more important than body or healthy body is important to have a pleasant mind. The puzzle can be solved by understanding the organization of our Universe. Life on earth is possible by the presence of sun and moon. The sun gives energy to the plants, animals , humans and every living object on earth. The moon shields sun from earth. Life on earth is protected from burning. As the earth spins around sun and moon spins around the earth, this cosmic movement creates and nurtures life bound by TIME. Similarly a healthy body nurtures mind. Pleasant mind creates innumerable opportunities, peace to sustain happiness. Mind also directs the body to act to create fortune. Fortune is transformed in to good food, clothing, shelter and service for the body. It is a closely bounded relationship and no one is superior over other, although mind most of the time like the moon shields body from aging. When one gets opportunity to create money, build peace, choose that option that leads to harnessing mind and body. Neglecting one will make that choice the reason for failure. For instance if you like to eat everytime at the restaurant because you feel good, enjoy great taste but it causes harm to your body by building fats in it. If you like to earn quick bucks to have great lifestyle and you don’t enjoy your work, your mind is going to pull you off.

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