Missing the chord – Are any of your Goals left unaccomplished?











Have you been pestered by people who ask you “Have you set goals”. When once someone asked me this question I didn’t knew how to set goals. I countered “how do I set goals”. The gentlemen was a angel in disguise who taught me how to set goals. Till date I have set over a dozen goals and the magic of setting goals is like turning on a meter which starts ticking upon setting goals. Now, I actively review my goals every day before starting my day. I do not feel scared but think of them as buddies who want me to succeed in life. Sometimes we feel resentful of setting goals since they push us to do something different than before. Going deeper in the thought process, realistically our mind is tuned to have a life how it has been so far. This mind resists change and when there is a strong force coming from within it is hard to resist. However, it has been observed that people who keep working on their goals without rejecting the force they move closer to the accomplishment stage. By just acknowledging the resistance and still doing those 2-3 tasks every day that will move a person closer to the realization of goal is the key to overcoming all the internal resistance.

Going beyond setting goals, once the goals are set sometimes we miss the chord. The chord of performing certain tasks every day required to move forward to the accomplishment of goals. It will still be called the same resistance taking a different form. The devil within tries to surface at every available opportunity, with our conscious conditioning of mind this devil can be tamed.

Once the goals are set and you start taking actions consistently the next breakdown happens when you do not see results surfacing. This breakdown will cause a severe blow to your morale. You may abandon your goals or simply ground yourself. The same devil has resurfaced. Use the tool of taming the devil by reaffirming your faith on your journey and your goals. Once a poor kid seeking alms from people met a priest. The priest did not have any material thing to offer so he offered him an advice. This advice was for the poor kid to dig deep in to the ground at a particular place where a stash of gold is hidden. The boy digs for hours, hours turn in to days. One day he is tired and exhausted and a passerby comments “you are a fool to dig here. There’s nothing to find”. This passerby is your mind telling you there’s nothing ahead. It’s up to the boy to ignore if he truly believed the priest or return to begging. The boy continues his task in faith and after 21 days strikes a case full of gold coins. What if he had listened to the passerby, he would have lost opportunity to change his fortune. The same happens with every person in his pursuit of accomplishing goals. Keeping deep faith and continuing to take action will assure one day that he will strike GOLD.

The next breakdown happens once the person accomplishes his goals. The beauty of goals is they are meant to keep a person in MOTION. Once the goal is accomplished the person again goes back to square 1. To avoid new goals are to be formed. However since one already knows how to traverse the journey this time the mid-term challenge of losing faith goes away.

One just needs one breakthrough to create a phenomenal change in his life and the first goal he accomplishes creates stream of further accomplishments. The key is to be in the GAME.

Hope this will help you to look at your dreams and goals and restart the journey if you have left it mid-way or start a new one. I invite you to ask yourself the following questions:

What is that one major goal in my life I haven’t been able to accomplish. What is missing.

How can I re initiate my journey towards accomplishing it?

Whose help can I take to move forward?

How can I create that FREE TIME and ABUNDANT ENERGY to go after my Goal?


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