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Let a person radically alter his thoughts, and he will be astonished at the rapid transformation it will effect in the material conditions of his life – Napoleon Hill


I perceived him to be an angry person, he turned out to be one. How many times have you experienced this happening? As an example lets say  tomorrow you have to meet your boss to discuss about your performance. Today you have thoughts flooding your mind, my boss is going to think this, he will force me in to doing something, he will rate me low, he will give me a distant assignment. Of course you may be the one thinking other way round which is my boss is going to appreciate me for my work, I deserve his pat and he is doing it, he is recommending me for a promotion, he is applauding my efforts…..These thoughts are also automatically incarnating image in your mind. These images are so strong that you actually feel being in room in discussion with your boss. He moves exactly the way you see him. You do not have to stretch your brain, all images are unfolding on their own like a projector has started relaying the movie. Does that happen?

Let me ask you this, how many times it has happened that what you saw earlier day turned out to be true, may be not 100% yet a large %. Your boss behaves more or less the same way you saw him in the movie. You get similar results that you saw in the movie. Isn’t it a MAGIC?

How does it happen? Whats the science to support it?

What we are going to uncover will shatter all our beliefs.

Before we go there a disclaimer. The scene we discussed may not always happen and what we assumed before may not be true some times. This is because what you saw and felt was not completely the same picture. In the earlier scene you also discovered that your boss empathized with you and the next moment he turns hostile and the next moment again he is receptive. If you see mixed scenes you are not receiving a clear picture. What happens if you put 2 Television sets next to each other and watch both. You do not follow either of them completely. Similarly the real life scene is bound to be unpredictable in such a case.

Turning to how does it happen?

Every living being has a powerful tool which is called a “Neural Mirror”. Our actions are an outcome of neurons fired from the brain signalling our body’s sensory motors to act. So if we have a thought I should lift that glass my brain sends a signal to sensory motor to move my arm to hold the glass and lift it. The time gap between signaling and lifting is a fraction of second. It is the firing of neurons that triggers action. Similarly when one thinks of something that is going to happen in future or about someone, it triggers action. So the next day you have an appointment with your client and you have already seen him behaving wearied, you enter his room with large set of neurons already trigger in your mind. You sensory motors have already started acting on the command of the neurons. You do not notice your actions as they are spontaneous and much above the level of your perception. These neurons now start impacting the other person through what is called as Body language. This is at physical level, however there is also a finding that the Neural transmitters which create though waves have done much more damage earlier. When the very though of client behaving emerged powerfully in your mind these thought waves have traveled up to the surface of MARS. They have hit the person who you intend to meet the next day. They are at a frequency (which can be electronically measured) which resonates with the intended persons thought frequency. They influence the thought frequency of  other person. It is like operating a remote control to influence the TV receiver to change the channel. The receiver receives the signal, amplifies it and take action. The client gets influenced (at subconscious level) and the next day story unfolds the way it is meant to be. This is neural mirroring.

If you think if that’s true I can get person do anything I want. That’s not possible. The other person has a fortress of his own neural mechanism. Only those neural rhythms that he acknowledges to be somewhere part of his natural system will trigger. So he may have a neural pattern that makes him wearied sometimes he is prone to receive your neural vibrations. If you expect that Mahatma Gandhi will take up violence and you think this way at deeper level, yet it does not influence the Mahatma. That’s because his neural vibrations are no match to yours.

It is possible though to impact some areas of our life through compassionate thinking. There are certain principles perceived commonly by every human being. To be fair, to be good, to help, to be happy. If neural images are formed based on these thoughts possibility of matching other persons neural rhythm is highly likely. The other thought pattern is being unfair, deceit, hypocrite, complaining, resentful. These thoughts also attract other person if his rhythmic frequency is set to match yours at that time.  So, if your boss behaves in certain way that you do not like much of it is because you both have negotiated this deal at your subconscious levels, you have done that through your conscious thinking the earlier day and he is unaware since he has attracted it and let the signals in to influence his thinking. A simple example is just think of a day when you were travelling home and you thought your wife would be mad at you and it really happens. You caught her attention and you didn’t realize it.

Whats possible?

Learning from neural mirroring, one could lead a life he wants. He can create abundance for himself through the space of compassion and kindness. One can accomplish his goals, even those that appear to be like a dream. One can scale Everest of failures and yet be successful.

Now you have access to this tool. Make conscious effort to be present to your thoughts and rule them rather than they ruling you.

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