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Have you ever played a  video game with a kiddo? If you have then how many times did you win? One out of 100? Surprising, did you think what makes the kid win over an adult in what appears to be seemingly simple task?


The Kid is holding a big secret underneath his simple brain, the secret is anticipating whats coming next. He knows where the sniper attack would come from, where the bad guys are hidden, so every shot he rules the game. You struggle with the unknown path. Hence the score difference.


Ever realized if this is what is happening in Real life? & with you?


Think about it!


If you undertake a new project or go to meet a new client or make a cold call or face your new boss or apply for a position and go for an interview, you are almost certain with a lot of uncertainties. These uncertainties have tremendous power to knock off your confidence and whatever you skills you have acquired so far. Has it happened that you go for an interview, start out confident from your home and when you face the interviewer you are blanked out within first 5 minutes.

If you undertake a new project, one of its kind, you know you have the skills to handle it and bang some unexpected situation happens that shakes your confidence and forces you to re think on your capabilities.

What does exactly happen? Why do these uncertainties arise?

It is the rule of nature to throw uncertain situations to challenge what is established. For nobody thought a gigantic ship like The Titanic would sink mid ocean killing hundreds of people on-board. No one thought of Tsunami before until it occurred one day devastating many countries. Even if our life every day we start out with thinking the day is going to be the best day of my life, I would be the best in my performance today and then something happens, and what started out to be a brighter day turned in to a disaster. Uncertainties have been mere occurrence but how they occur to humans makes difference. What I mean by that is that certainty and uncertainty being 2 sides of a pole, they have equal probabilities of occurrence. It is in the interpretation of humans that some occurrence is tagged as certain and some as uncertain. ┬áTime doesn’t understand certain or uncertain. It rolls out endlessly and in its rolling out events happen. They may happen in certain way or may happen in other way. But happening is commanded within the property of time. Every event has a beginning and an end and from that end point starts another event. They go one after other. Human mind expects this flow to happen as he perceives it or expects it. But that’s a mere illusion.

In that case how does one predict the next event and hence anticipate?

The power of anticipation is hidden in the way things occur to you. If you start your day with a belief that you will leave 1 hour early from office. You do not have to make things happen to leave early but by holding this intent strong things will happen in a form such that automatically all your tasks finish off leaving 1 hour free time. Similarly the power of intent makes universal things to rearrange to make it in reality thus giving a person the power to predict how his day is going to be TODAY.

This isn’t as simple as learning skills. It is a balance that one could get over a period of time and with conscious practice. In my blog earlier I had stated how states of mind change and how this change can be accepted and turned in to a winning preposition. With a certainty these states of mind can be tapped in to create a predictable today. Once prediction is made, one need not wait for the occurrence. They happen automatically. One focuses on action and slides outcome out of his frame of mind.


Prediction tool doesn’t work when 1. Someone hasn’t practiced enough to create a rhythm of creating the occurrences in life. 2. Depression state. 3. Event in past that is dominating the mind in present. 4. Doubt.

Start using the prediction with predicting small events of the day. Lets say you predict what work will you finish tomorrow by when. When would you have a sip of coffee with your colleagues. Now in this example if you want the test to fail consciously or sub consciously IT WILL FAIL. Every command from mind carries the power to transform, so be careful with your thoughts. Nevertheless to mention that you hardly have control over your mind.

This is one of the weirdest blog I have written as it occurred to me. I have tested it however it will help if you could share your testimonials.


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