Read often than Write!




In this article we look at the importance of spending more time on reading than on writing. Why is it so important to spend time on reading?

 The energy of writing comes from knowledge, information and interest. The information and knowledge come from reading books, articles and listening to people. Reading helps to deepen our understanding. If our goal is to write a fabulous article or a book, it is important to expand our information. This is done by reading at least 2 books on same subject. There may be some videos that one may consider watching to get more information. Some people would have already written on same subject that you are considering writing, read what they feel about the subject. Don’t quit writing on the subject because someone else has already written about it. You can always add value. The secret of writing is there is always someone who has written earlier on our topic and there will be someone who will write after we publish our writing. All efforts by people are working in congruence. It means that they add up and expand our vision.

 Reading gives the edge of discovering that part of information that one wasn’t aware of. It is also a chance to validate understanding. Sometime our information may not be a 100% accurate, reading would either validate it or give it a new dimension.

 Reading also gives a feeling of satisfaction, the satisfaction of enriching our mind’s information store. The wisdom of the world packed in few pages, lines and words serve our hunger or quest of learning. It also triggers abstract thinking. What is abstract thinking? One may discover creating a new identity that may not be in real world but there is still a possibility of creating it. It has to be put to practice to make it real. Many authors have put abstract ideas and then they were experimented by people. They were then transformed in to doable ideas.

 Other benefit of reading is it helps a person to take a balanced position on a particular issue. For instance, if one reads about impact of rising industrialization on the Ozone depletion. One may not get radical of getting rid of all the industries, cars, refrigerators. He may consider ways to reduce the impact or work on ways to strengthen the Ozone layer through growing trees or using the green technology.

Reading also helps reducing time required to write and complete an article or a book. Once the information is loaded in mind, the words surface quickly on paper and subject gets written down in short time.

What % of time one must spread in reading and writing?

Each person may have different comfortable % breakup, I usually spend 70% on reading and 30% on writing. I optimize my writing during morning hours when my productivity is the highest. What could take me hours to write gets done in 1-2 hours.

Watching video on the subject one is considering to write is also an effective tool. Visual representation of an idea or fact is the most effective way of learning. The reason being we use our eyes to record facts 90% of the time. Hearing is the next used tool. People with photographic memory remember events in exact details and in sequence.

With that said, now it could be easier to decide how much time one needs to invest on reading and writing. Wish you Good Luck and success…..

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