Rising Competition – Are you worried?


Am I becoming obsolete, will I lose my job?


Is this thought haunting you day & night?

If the answer is “Yes”, then be assured that you are not alone who is feeling this way. All over the world people are feeling insecure about their job and this feeling is on the rise. This feeling has sunk so deep in to some people that it has taken their lives. By this I am not exaggerating by much. Many people have succumbed to heart attacks, kidney failures, rising blood pressure. When one is threatened with a job loss he is bound to think of himself and his family. There will be innumerable IF’s and But’s in his mind and since he does not have a direct answer that he could visualize he succumbs to it.

But the good news is rising competition isn’t that bad. Look around. It is the competition that is keeping prices in check. It is the fear of losing customer to the competition that keeps them from hiking the prices. Even your doctor is charging you the same fee what he was charging a year back because he does not want to lose you. Every month new clinics open up. Similarly, rising competition is making you to step up and do your best. If someone does a mediocre job he knows he will be kicked. The athletes are the best example of rising competition. Only one person will get the gold medal but there could be thousands competing. Then people ask then what happens to the remaining 999 people. Well, they tried and couldn’t get to the top but that does not stop them from trying again. There could be other competitions that they could win. Did those who did not qualify for Olympics perish? No, they found another way to win. They won in their job, in their relationship, may be they found a new friend and won over his heart. The problem is when we create a lot of attachment towards winning. Most of the competitions are meant to bring the best in a person. They serve to make him better than before.


Turning to the job scenario, when people say we are losing jobs due to offshoring though on the face is true however there are many underlying benefits that go un-noticed. The objective here is not to justify offshoring. Instead it is to point to the vast opportunities those are created as a result of it. Many people when they are pushed to the corner have created the best for their life. Jack Canfield, the author of the New York Best seller series “Chicken Soup for the Soul” at one point of time in his life could afford a meal of cheap noodles. He created a wonderful best seller series of books which sold over 150 million copies worldwide and now he is a multi-millionaire. The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki and his wife had to live in their car when they moved from their jobs to start their own entrepreneurial journey. There are temporary setbacks in competing market; however these setbacks have given birth to the best talent.


In one of my seminars on managing fear, one of the participant expressed his fear and justified it that if he loses his job he will lose everything, his peace of mind, his family will go without food, he will be left with nothing. To this, I asked him what his skills were at that point of time. He was a software programmer who had job experience of about 4-5 years. I asked him to write down his skills on the board. Then I proceeded to ask him if he knew how many software companies he knew in the town and he said may be a couple of hundred. Then I asked him how many of those companies could be using the technologies he knows and he said may be a 100-150. Then I asked him around the country how many companies would use the same technology and now the figure was about 700-800. Then, the next question was would they all have requirements for the skills he has, His answer was NO. Okay, so would some of them have open positions I asked. He nodded yes. How many positions he could think would be at present open? May be a 400-500. What will he do if he knows about the open positions I asked. He said he would apply to them. What next I asked. He said I may be called for an interview by let’s say 50-60 of them. What is your chance of getting 1 position that you need in 50-60 positions? He said fairly well. Well, he did not say this but he was sure he would get at least one position that would pay him the salary he deserved and release him the offer letter. The point is it is not the lack of opportunities; it is lack of our awareness of the opportunities that matter. If we go a bit outward and look at how many positions would be available only in Europe or only in America, this figure will be huge. All that one needs to be is to accept the fact that every second there are new opportunities created. Every day someone’s resigning and going for better position and the place he vacated needs to be filled. Again, this is possible because of competition. Companies compete to retain best talent. One just needs to elevate his knowledge (skills), network with people and read more. If these 3 things are done rest is assured.


Every day focus more on creating more available TIME to work on our goals. Time is the only valuable currency. If you have more time you could recreate your world. Hence optimizing on time is valuable. Make the best use of available time and the time will obey your command. Yet another valuable currency is your energy. You need to be fit to go after every single goal. To create more energy you could exercise daily, sleep well, have good nutrition, wake up early in the morning. Morning time is the best for some people because they are at the best of their energy levels, feeling fresh. A couple of your daily tasks could be completed with ease during those 1-2 early morning hours. These are a few tips but there could be more. You may share on this blog tips that you apply to get better and better every day to progress towards your goals.

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