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Each person in this Universe has two energies, Physical and Emotional. These energies decide person’s ability to prosper, stay healthy, live longer, maintain great relationship, and lead a deeply fulfilling life. Excess use of one energy over other, often leads to imbalance. This imbalance blocks people’s potential to reach to the ideal state of abundance.

Physical energy is that energy that is required for a person to perform his work, travel, or communicate. This energy is developed through daily exercise, eating balanced food, good nutrition & rehydrating self. Daily exercise could be brisk walk followed by stretching, weights, swimming, Yoga, sprint, outdoor sports.

Emotional energy is one that is required to effectively communicate with people, express. It is also required while handling difficult situations like responding to accusation, fear, anger, panic, negativity, stress, anxiety. Most of the times, it is the Emotional energy that is drained out easily even though the person may have physical energy to manage a situation.

How does one release these energies?

Each day the physical energy is spent on travelling to the job, doing work, labor, talking to many people, looking at the computer screen for long time, playing sport, physical fight, driving, shopping, eating (hogging).

The Emotional energy is spent in emotionally (energy in motion) responding to a situation through stress, fear, anxiety, laughter. Anything happening recurring will result in Worry. It could also be spent in an argument, trying to prove ones point, studying, reading, writing (this is both physical and emotional). How studying & reading expend emotional energy? Reading or studying requires focus of mind and storage of information. Both these activities require energy expense.

How does one develop Good stores of these energies?

The physical energy is developed by setting a daily ritual. The ritual to get up early in the morning, exercise, eat balanced food, nutrition, avoiding doing too many things in a day, scheduling, right sleep (7-8 hours quality sleep), avoiding watching TV at least 1 hour before going to bed, avoiding reading newspaper in the morning, hydrating through water and fruit juices. While running or swimming builds physical stamina, Yoga builds flexible body, kick boxing or lifting weights strengthens muscles, Each day morning ritual of at least ½ hour to 1 hour will help build this energy (if done daily).

Emotional energy is conserved based on setting good calendar or to do list. Mind cannot handle too many action items in a day with equal power. Hence right prioritization is required to get to may be 3-4 things to be done in a day. Most people confuse with what is Important and Urgent. The other major drain happens due to the response that one’s mind gives to a situation. To handle this meditation, spiritual connect is required. Spiritual connect helps person understand what is his sole purpose on this planet and how his current actions are taking him in direction or away from it. There are various mediation techniques yet the meditation that raises the conscience of mind to the highest state is the most desired meditation. There is serene peace in this mediation. In this state a person accepts everything as truth. Each outcome he treats as an event. There is significant drain of emotional energy when amygdala, that small portion of brain is triggered in response to an aggression or fear. This is usually with aggression, fear or panic. The response of an emotionally trained person to a situation is that of peaceful acceptance, rational thinker, solution provider, win-win settler. All the people in history who achieved phenomenal success used this secret to gain an edge. They attracted success by practicing emotional energy conversation. They also had immense power of Focus and this power is also developed through meditation. Knowing where & when the energy drain occurs is crucial. This requires healing, the amygdala healing. Many people when they feel they are getting angry they count reverse or defocus, this is one way of releasing the anger. However it is reactive. By the time one realizes, the anger has done much of damage and once the flight has taken off the runway it has to be landed. Ideally one would be in a better position if he knew when the anger is entering his mind or state of conscience. While it is impossible to know, the best technique to handle this situation is through attitude training. The attitude is a natural response a person gives to an event. It is formed over a period of time. The attitude training can be done using gratitude and forgiveness. Sense of gratitude makes a person humble and forgiveness makes a person noble. It isn’t easy to implement this behavioral change as it requires confronting the ego and victim mindset. Yet it is possible to reach to this state through constant meditation and guidance. The guidance comes from someone who has crossed the bridge, a guru.

Once both these energies are conserved will it led to leading fulfilling life?

No! There is one more step before a person attains fulfilling life. It is a state of balance. Balance of physical and emotional energy is needed. What is energy balance and how does one get it?

To explain energy balance let us take an example of Tony and Johnny. Tony and Johnny both exercise well in the morning, eat nutritious food, hydrate themselves and go to work. Tony takes things personally and often in an argument he tries to show other person down. Johnny on other hand is receptive. He is calm when there is difference of opinion and usually acknowledges other persons opinion and makes suggestions. Johnny does not think about the event after it has got over while Tony goes home and still tries to figure out how to outsmart other person or how he has been a victim of a situation. Johnny goes home and usually plays with his kids or goes with his wife on a leisure walk.

Though both Johnny and Tony had same physical energies, Johnny ends the day well as he conserved his emotional energy well.

 Rachel and Kathy are friends. Rachel is 20 pounds overweight while Kathy has just right weighed. Rachel stays late at night watching news and TV soaps, wakes up at 9 in the morning and then rushes to work. Kathy goes to bed at 10 and wakes up at 6 in the morning. She then goes for a jog, comes home spends ½ hour on Yoga, then reads a book and goes to office. Rachel usually gets tired by 5p.m. and heads for home. Sometimes she feels tired after mid-day. At home, she has snacks. Then she prepares food, goes to watch Television with her kids. They have dinner at 10 and sleep by 11.

Kathy is energetic; she has her to do list and completes her work on time. She goes for playing tennis after office, and then she picks up grocery and heads for home. Kathy cooks food, spends time with her kids and has dinner by 8 p.m. She reads out stories to her daughter before going to bed.

On weekend Kathy goes for a short trip to country side while Rachel has doctor’s appointment.

Now, life may not be as dramatic as this one, yet many people lead the life of Rachel, Overweight, obese, low energy levels, lethargic, under productive.

In the story of Johnny and Tony there was emotional energy imbalance while with Rachel and Kathy there was physical energy imbalance.

To lead a deeply fulfilling life both these vital energies have to be conserved and developed. The sooner one decides to change; he would see his life change.

“Take care of your body for that is the only place we live in. Take care of mind for weeds would soon grow in it” – Jim Rohn.

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