States of Mind- Tool to Ride over any Circumstance.

states of mind




“To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.” – George Santyana.

Human mind is a hidden treasure, sometimes unearthed yet vastly secret. Several attempts to unfold the mystique’s of mind have been made only to realize that there is always and always more to explore. An inference made today becomes obsolete tomorrow. A guideline today becomes a mere historical entity tomorrow. Why would this mind cheat us when we want it to be there with us. Why would our performance defer when we have acquired something, some art, some skill?

In this blog there’s an attempt to understand how mind weavers from one state to other like the tides of the sea. Every tide is different, similarly waves of mind at each moment are different, yet they all meet the shore & mind waves converge in to action or inaction.


If we understand how the human mind wavers from time to time we could ride on it just how a surfer rides on the sea tides. What is possible if we know the state of mind at a given time? If you are feeling BORED and that is a state of mind & you have tons of work to do, you wouldn’t attempt to do it in first place and even if you do it you know whats going to be an outcome. Similarly if you are feeling ecstatic and attempt to do something, it turns out to be GOLD. What has changed to create 2 different RESULTS. It is the state of mind. If one masters the ART of knowing what is his STATE OF MIND at a given TIME/INSTANCE he will be mastering his LIFE. I am going to reveal what occurred to me as a revelation from my innate state of mind, see if you could connect to it and derive your source of understanding your MIND to create abundance in your Life.

What are the TIDES of Human Mind?

Human mind rides on 2 predominant Tides. One is the tide of Feeling Good, Being ecstatic. The other one is opposite of it. It is a feeling of unworthy, stuck, restless, unhealthy, sick, hurt, resentful, guilty.

How to identify the Tides?

Throughout the day our Life is wavering like a tide. Our mind sees whats happening and converts it in to feel good tide or feel bad tide. Feel Good tide when it occurs (we wont realize until our sense prompts us) it creates a sense of joy, abundance, happiness, completion. The easiest way to recognize is asking yourself a question. How am I feeling now? Now this question gets hidden somewhere in the background when our mind is preoccupied in lot many tasks. Hence recommend you to write in BOLD somewhere where you could see it “HOW AM I FEELING NOW”. Once your eyes see that board your mind will realize it is supposed to ask a question and then you get an answer “I am feeling happy or feeling great or feeling worthy or I was able to finally close that deal WOW! or I got a great result”…..It could be in many forms. Once you get the answer which makes you feel Good it is a Feel Good tide. Often we CHEAT ourselves by saying “I am feeling great” and then there is a BIG “BUT” after that statement. That means it is not the feel good tide. Feel good tide is unconditionally feel good. Sometimes for no reason there is Feel Good tide rising from our mind. You are just taking a walk and you feel good to be around. Once you recognize the feel good tide the next act for you is to do something that is important to you, to your life. It could be finishing that unfinished work or working on your goal. Your mind will SUPPORT you to create something you wouldn’t have imagined and then when it gets completed you will wonder from where did that come from? To give you an example, I have been working on writing my book for several months and yet some days I am unable to pen even one page and sometimes when I am under the influence of Feel Good tide I have written tons of pages in shortest possible time. It is the same ME. How does the RESULT differ. Then some days when I ain’t feeling good I just can’t write anything or if I write it turns out to be CRAPPY. I am not recommending you stop taking action when you aren’t feeling Good. When the I ain’t feeling good tide is ON realize it and lower your expectation of yourself. You are not ROCKING at that TIME. You could still continue to take ACTION, however lower your expectations. This will stop the inner fight you have with your mind. It is evident how people push themselves when the are in I ain’t feel Good Tide and reach nowhere. Just acknowledging that very state of mind instantly harmonizes one’s mind to RELAX and then re-create the Feel good tide. It may not happen at that moment but it will surely be in CREATION. Just withdraw yourself to doing something relaxing in that state which could be listening to Music, playing sports. Best one is WATCHING. I meant watching one’s thoughts. As you focus on your own thoughts the intensity of damage reduces and eventually dies out. NIRVANA, isn’t it… 🙂

Sometimes in “I ain’t Feel good” tide one reacts and this makes the tide even more powerful. It powers this tide. In situations of conflict or when you feel over powered just submit yourself to the situation. Fighting it out will make it more powerful. Once you recognize this tide then just focus on your mind (not on the external condition, nor on other person). Soon the power will begin to diffuse. Once you practice this you will be driven by yourself and not by the circumstances. Circumstances change and this change could appear to be Good or not good to your conscience. So, if you must have power over circumstances use this tool, it shall always give you the POWER to SAIL Through.


You could achieve any Goal once you learn the TIDE game. You could be that SURFER who keeps surfing for hours together over tides overpowering the POWER of tides.

What is the LEARNING you will take from this revelation? Please feel free to share in COMMENTS.

Link it to those instances of your Life where you FELT Lifted and when you felt like a SLUG.

Good Luck…………….

Soon publishing my 2nd Book. The Book about the Power of “KAIZEN” to transform our Life from where we are to where we want to be.

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