The Power of Now


I am privileged to write on a completely different subject I never thought I would ever attempt to write about. In this blog I am revealing about a revelation that occurred to me. It wasn’t a pleasant experience in the beginning but as truth started unfolding I began to submit myself to a larger reality. It might intrigue you similarly.

What occurred to me was a fact that life is slipping by every second. Sometimes we realize it, sometimes we don’t. Time goes past so fast that when we celebrate our 40th, 50th or 60th birthday, we realize much of life has passed by. Even more horrifying are the thoughts that nothing much changed over years except the color of hair, the wrinkles on face, the weight and in some cases the relationship. At that moment suddenly the life starts appearing to be least significant and one begins to wonder, did I waste my whole life? Did I always kept postponing doing what I always wanted to do because it wasn’t giving me money or a big break.

Life doesn’t obey our wishes. It keeps moving forward and a man always keeps looking backward on what slipped by when the need of the hour is to be in the present moment. It is now that will never come back. It is now that is giving all the comfort to me and creating meaning of my existence. When this moment goes away a new moment comes but not the same one. So, if I keep looking backward on what slipped by I am always loosing the present moment of my life. How long will I keep missing the present moment. A chain of such lost moments takes us to that 60th birthday when the heavenly wisdom tares us apart. What is now was never there and never will be in the future. The present shapes the future and bury the past. Imagine that once I start enjoying every present moment, I create a pleasant experience for myself and people around. I see many possibilities that I can now powerfully create without laying the blame on the past event or a person. When I live my current moment to the fullest I do two things. One, I am in complete control of the present and two, I do not carry any past baggage or unrealistic expectations of the future. I am in complete harmony of the universe.

Many people blame what happened in the past to justify their present circumstances. While they could be very authentic in sharing their experience, their frustration or guilt, they give away their most important power. The power of being in total control of n the NOW. If I blame my education to be the reason for me not doing well even after 10 years of graduation, I am simply losing my focus on now and I give away the important step of owning the failure. Owning the failure (and it has very less to do with just recognizing it) marks the begining of a new realm of possibilities that one could create for himself starting at the very moment. The world around wouldnt change at that moment, the bank balance wont change, the people around wont change but what would change is my expectation of myself and of others. I would certainly reset myself to a new possibility, one that would be certain and one that I enjoy creating it. I stay ecstatic and peaceful at the same time while creating new possibilities of freedom, peace, growth, trust, love…..This can go on.

It sounds so simple yet it holds us for several years in its prison. A prison that offers suffering and comfort at the same time. That is the reason we cave ourselves in it.

When the realization of change is strong, people take actions and actions produce unparellel results. Thus enforcing the self belief to create a wonderful moment. While creating new moments living in the present is so enjoyable that the time seems to be just stop by and things seem to happen on their own. To give you an example out of my experience. I always had a grudge of life not turning out the way it should be as expected. I used to be frustrated over it, but when the realization of living from moment to moment has happened, I am just enjoying every moment. That doesnt mean things dont go haywired or there arent any failires, but what has changed is my response and more so important my automatic response to the events. It needed lot of practice. Now, I found a way to express by blogging. In fact I went steps ahead to write my book on Kaizen. It has lots of stories of personal development that one could get inspired and apply to their life and make a change. Success leaves clues says Anthony Robbins and its true. Many successful people have left clues of their success, we just need to reach out to them.

So, to summarize, ask yourself, what is your personal take away from this blog? Would something change, not the circumstances but my response to them after now becoming aware of it? Would I commit to a change? There will certainly be failures and breakdowns but if you are committed to make a change from moment to moment I can promise your life will be different, your work will be more fulfilling.

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