Unable to achieve Goals? – Get an Accountability Partner!


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No one learns as much about a subject as one who is forced to teach it.
― Peter F. Drucker


What: To produce results every person must have an accountability partner. This partner is someone who is a peer or a senior. This senior isn’t someone the person is reporting to. Accountability partnership is a win-win partnership for the accountable person and the accountant. Accountable person shares his goals and targets with his accountability partner and they together agree on these goals. They convert it in to daily goals. End of the day accountable person shares what he accomplished and what he did not with the AP (Accountability partner). This partner gives it a broader look considering all factors internal and external to give him feedback and make suggestions on how he could do better next day. It is a quality feedback that the AP gives to the person which helps him re consider his actions and correct his course of actions. Just like a satellite guiding system, whenever the satellites off tracks the trajectory the guiding system (AP) corrects the course and brings it back.

Why: These days every person in job is assigned multiple action items related to delivery goals, learning goals & initiatives. He gets overwhelmed on prioritizing them and often this discussion doesn’t reach his Manager. In such a situation it is likely that the person goes in shell and starts becoming under productive. To counter competition he may start pumping in a lot of extra working hours along with reducing healthy breaks and multi-tasking. This is a downward spin as he is unable to produce results qualitatively due to lack of focus and there is also a danger of him falling sick often.

How: Covered above.

When: Each day 10-15 Minutes of review discussion. Start with a kick-off discussion. Accountable person should feel comfortable sharing his goals with AP and also accept honest and fair feedback from him as it will ultimately lead to accountable person’s overall growth.

Every week should end with celebrating what was accomplished and setting focus for next week on areas not accomplished.

Where: On the floor, coffee table, meeting room etc. It should be a comfortable for both and with no interference from other people.

Who: Supervisors of Software engineers, shift operators, machine floor operators, trainers, Managers, Directors. Ideally choose one level up as AP or someone who is better than you.

Expected Outcome:

• People start sharing their goals and also feel responsible since they are accountable to someone who is not his
BOSS. That cuts down an element of fudging.
• People start showing slow but sure shot progress in accomplishing their goals.
• AP works as Mentor as well.
• AP learns from this experience as well since he can be a great coach, new skill.
• The power of continuous improvement helps people to accomplish those goals that seem to be like a dream.
• It is a WIN-WIN partnership as the person who is accountable will then learn how to be AP for someone else. It is a
chain action.
• The only result that both focus on is end result and the item is marked off the list once that is accomplished.
• Qualitative feedback helps accountable person do better.
• Avoid being AP of each other as if one fails other also fails and it is a downward trail.
• This model can be applied to any organization, group & set of people.

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