What is self esteem








Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-break on. – Maxwell Maltz


It does not matter what others think of me, what matters is what I think about myself. What I think of myself and this is not one time thought, what I consistently think of myself I become that. That is SELF ESTEEM.

This single factor undermines our GROWTH, relationship, living abundant life.

There’s a misconception that one carries when it comes to living abundant life and it is FEAR, fear that there are limited resources in this world and my needs wouldn’t be taken care of if I even think about having everything in abundance.

How does one come out of this cyclic thinking?

A few TIPS:

  • Experiment living without income for a few days or few months. It doesn’t mean you don’t earn. Just don’t use your salary. Keep 1/5th of what you spend each month in spending kitty.Then try to workout how you will meet your daily needs. You will be amazed to note that this 1/5th amount that you have in your kitty is just sufficient to take care of your basic needs.
  • Now start doing things you like to do each day. Dedicate 1 hour at least to do tasks you like to. For instance you may like to plant trees, you may like to go for a long walk, you may like to meet a friend whom you lost contact with long time ago. You will notice money doesn’t stop you from doing things you like to do in your life.
  • ¬†Follow this practice for at least for 3 months. By end of 3 months you will realize that you can live without having to worry about having not enough funds to support your family. Now take some steps to create new resources for generating wealth. How would your actions be when you know that your expenses are now taken care of? Massive wouldn’t they be?
  • Your self-esteem starts building up from here. Now, expect the least expected. Which is FAILURE. Expect Failure and be prepared to mitigate Failure. Rising beyond failure is SUCCESS. So, continue taking actions. You will witness this cycle -> Actions take–>Partial success–>Failure–>Success–>Failure–>Failure–>No loss no profit–>Success–>Success–Success…………………………..
  • When you rise about judging your actions based on Success and Failure you boost your self-esteem.
  • Anything that doesn’t match your self-image in reality has to change and then the universe will correspond to your self-image by throwing opportunities which will transform through your actions.

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