When nothing works, Faith works











In Life one reaches a stage where nothing works. If a close person in our life is terminally sick and the doctor’s have given up, what do you do? If you have less money to meet your expenses and suddenly you get a pink slip from your employer. If you start out of your house to be on time to office and you are holed up in a traffic with no signs of movement. If you have planned your vacation well however a day before you get to know that all flights to the place are cancelled due to bad weather?

When nothings working, what options does one have? One would sulk and give up but that’s not going to make any difference. One would blame something, someone or self but that’s not going to solve the issue. Then what are the options available?


Well, one would say None. Beyond None, there is something. That something which is difficult to measure, difficult to record, difficult to prove, difficult to sustain, difficult to demonstrate. It is called FAITH. Animals do not have this. Only humans are empowered to have faith in something, someone. Faith emerges from deeper emotional feelings about something or someone. Since emotions are attached to that part of brain which converts them in to actions faith leads a powerful place in human life. It is natural and it is unbiased. It could change though. If a person has a strong faith in something he eventually ends up accomplishing it. We live in a world that is perceived from minds eye. Once the mind sees something through the window of faith it usually turns true.

How to develop strong faith?

Faith is most tested when situation says it’s not possible and faith points in other direction. Faith can be developed by:

1. Trust in someone, some thing.

2. Assumption. Our breath for e.g. after one breath we assume the next one is also coming and the next one. This assumption is because we have been breathing so far. So, the past plays an important role in making assumptions.

3. Belief. If you believe you shall possess. Our beliefs are mostly based on past. However it takes courage to believe something that hasn’t happened in the past but it can happen in the future. For instance you never made 1 million $ in the past but you believe you have capability to create 1 million $. Now, this belief will give you actions to transform your current reality in to the one you desire.

4. Love. When you love someone you develop strong faith in him. That is automatic.





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